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Sarah Drake In Vogue!


So honored and completely excited that our marbled gold and white wax seals were featured in the February issue of Vogue Magazine. Thank you, Vogue!


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Posted on January 28th, 2016 | Comment »

Overwhelm or Abundance? Musings, updates, and how I run my life and work


Fall always brings busier times in my family’s life. School and sports schedules start back up, and we have to get back into a routine, which is always tough- early wake up calls, homework.. The days are shorter too, which is a drag on me personally. Summer’s ease is just gone. But this fall was particularly full- we had to decide to keep or move my youngest from his longtime school, which was the hardest decision Mr. Drake and I ever made, full of tears and indecision. (he stayed) My oldest applied to college (What?!) and we helped him navigate that process, filled with essays, iterations of essays, interviews, and now, financial aid forms. We had a French exchange student stay with us for two weeks. And, through all of this, I decided to invest in a new website. This decision was timed pretty much like I do everything. I strive on challenges, it’s one of those things that keeps me going, like when my 7th grade teacher assigned a book report in 10 days, and said whatever you do, don’t read Gone with the Wind. Of course, I did (got an A too). But I have to wonder why I have to push myself so hard when things are so full. So, when I saw a $41 flight to Lax, I took that opportunity to enjoy 5 days tucked away in the mountains with my best friend last month, and just laid in her lovely day bed drinking coffee and watching the sunrise.


I mean, what an amazing vacation, to do nothing. That’s pretty much all I did, except I had a beautiful dress made and scheduled a photoshoot for images for the site with my colleague and long-time friend Kim Reierson. Hmmm.

That’s Kim.

Also, researched an idea I’ve had for a while now- to hold a creative retreat, so stole away to Korakia Pensione for one night.



I love my work and life and want to keep going and creating and striving, but sometimes you just have to relax. Right?


So, when I was told I was staying in the artist’s studio, this amazing suite that Winston Churchill stayed in, I of course, felt I had to create, produce. I mean, just look at this painter’s palette.


But I didn’t have it in me. Instead, I swam in the salt water pool, enjoyed their Moroccan mint tea, ate and laid in this big bed reading, binge watching Transparent, and just reveling in the lovely hospitality that Korakia’s staff bestowed on me.





So, who wants to come to Korakia with me next time? :)

Posted on January 21st, 2016 | Comment »

Scheduling Wedding Invitation Consultations

Congratulations! You’re engaged! December is the most common month for couples to say “I will” Marry you, that is. Over 19% of all engagements occur in December. (Mr. Drake and I were engaged NYE, by the way)

It’s also the time that the newly engaged are wondering, Now what? After you have your wedding venue and date set, you can start to think about the other vendors that will align with your style and budget. Check out the list to the left to see some of our favorite wedding vendors.

Hiring a stationer to help you create your wedding invitations is a fun and easy way to start defining your wedding style. I love working with couples, showing them samples, TONS of paper and print samples, breaking out the pantone swatches, and generally just getting to know you in our first meeting together.

The table after a typical creative session with a couple getting married in New York City last fall and wanting a classic invitation set to help set the tone of their wedding.


Our guide to creating custom correspondence shows you what to expect when working with us.


If you’re ready to come on in, or chat on the phone, we have a new handy online scheduling tool. Set up an in person consultation in our Lakeview studio by clicking through below.

Schedule an Online Appointment

Posted on December 29th, 2015 | Comment »

How much do wedding invitations cost? (See pdf at the end of this post)

I’m trying something new for the last week of October- focusing on creating, fine tuning, and updating our new Ready Made Invitation Line for 2016! (of course if you are a current client, and need our immediate attention, we’ll put down the paint brush!) I really feel this is important for me to take a self imposed email break to really focus on our new offerings for our 2016 clients. If you want to see what I’m up to… please check me out on instagram!




If you are curious about our current Ready Made Invitations and their pricing, please refer to this pdf for letterpress and flat printed wedding invitations currently in our line.


Posted on October 23rd, 2015 | Comment »

How we create custom invitations with you

I have such appreciation for the process of creating custom invitations for our clients. I love pulling from your distinct styles, combining with my understated design sensibility, and then using the finest paper, printing methods, and delicate finishings for the complete look.

Thank you to Julia Franzosa for providing the following photography, and to Katie and Brandon, our clients (and models), who are expecting their first baby next month!

It all starts in our Chicago graphic design studio on the Northside. (Walking distance from Wrigley Field, in the Lakeview neighborhood) It all begins with a conversation in our Chicago studio, (over the phone if you’re out of the area), where we’ll talk, pull paper and ink swatches, discuss wording etiquette, and collaborate to create truly couture correspondence.


The consultation is my opportunity to learn as much as I can about your wedding, from the overall feel of the entire event (is it formal, fun, eclectic, bohemian?), to the small details that will add interest to your stationery.

Helpful to get the story started is something that inspires you. Anything might be an inspiration for invitation design: a family heirloom, vintage photos, favorite flower, a line from a novel, childhood vacation, or the story of a first encounter.


Oh, and my favorite takeaway from the consult is your own Love Notes – a letterpress printed journal with places for notes, helpful tips, and design direction. I’ll add ink swatches, paper samples, anything we discuss, for you to add to as you meet with other vendors and complete the design and look of your wedding.


After we meet, I’ll email a detailed proposal for consideration, based on the pieces discussed in your consultation. After review, your signed agreement and deposit
indicate the beginning of our working relationship.


You will receive a timeline, highlighting the next steps in creating your custom stationery, including first proofs, printing, calligraphy, and final mail date.

The first stages of the design will be shared digitally via email. At this point, you
will let us know if we are on the right track, or if we should make changes to the general design direction.


We will provide a second round of design proofs based on your feedback. This process
will be repeated until you are satisfied. If any additional hours are needed beyond
what is indicated on our agreement, we will check in before continuing. A secondary ideation session may be scheduled to ensure we develop stationery that perfectly reflects you.

We will provide a final design proof that you will sign and return to us via email.
Any details or shipments will be coordinated, such as coordinating with your calligrapher or providing mailing services. At completion of your project,
the final payment will be due.


4-6 weeks before your wedding, we’ll follow up to schedule time to create your coordinating programs, menus, thank you notes, escort cards, and table numbers. Maybe even custom china or linens to add to your gift registry…

This final picture by Elizabeth Messina.

This final picture by Elizabeth Messina.

Destination Wedding Dream


All photography by Kina Wicks.

This wedding was near and dear to my heart. My good friend, Julia Franzosa, and her sweetheart, Cosmo Goss, got married in Mexico earlier this year with a gathering of good friends and family. The wedding was large, about 80 made the trip from the bride and groom’s home state of California, and Chicago, where Cosmo heads up the kitchen at The Publican, and Julia’s photography business is headquartered, but felt so intimate because of the amount of involvement the guests had in the wedding. With both the bride and groom in the wedding and restaurant industry, the expertise of many of the friends were tapped, hired or bartered: from the entire meal being caught in the sea of Cortez the day before, to Cosmo’s long time friends cooking the meal, to the photographer, Kina, capturing the day on film, to their good friend Erling officiating, to me providing the invitation suite, to Kyle, crafting amazing cocktails, to Heather, providing day of coordination. It’s a testament to the friendships that Julia and Cosmo have created that made this days long celebration come together in such a warm and wonderful way.





juliacosmowedding-1613 copy




Posted on September 16th, 2015 | Comment »

Sarah Drake Design turns 10!

Today marks our tenth anniversary in business. I fell really lucky that I get to create every day for our clients: brides, grooms, moms, small business owners, large corporate clients, vendors, friends, family, and even pets.

Being a creative entrepreneur is a challenge I love figuring out. When I got started, I thought I would just create invitations and people would buy them. And, in a sense, that is the simple truth about business. But what I’ve found to be even more fascinating is figuring out marketing, developing systems, finding my creative voice, brainstorming new product ideas, discovering how to attract press, production, hiring photographers and other vendors, working with coaches, negotiating vendor pricing, walking (and hopefully exhibiting in in 2016) the gift and stationery shows, teaching workshops and classes, and figuring out new avenues of distribution.

As the year comes to a close, I’m working on a new site, new products, and new ready made invitations. And, the best way for these to work for our clients’ seamlessly.

Thank you for your support over these last ten years!

Posted on August 18th, 2015 | Comment »

Podcasts are my Reality TV

This last six weeks have been a whirlwind of production: press checking, lining, tying, stuffing, wax sealing. Just in the last 5 days, my fantastic assistant Cara and I got 6 HUGE jobs out the door. I can’t wait to share them with you! (but let’s let their guests receive them first)

This week I’m out of the office, road tripping again, this time to North Carolina, where we’ll visit family from the west to the beach.

What do lining envelopes and road trips have in common? Podcasts! At least for me. They are the perfect thing to listen to when your mind is not otherwise engaged. I’m completely addicted. It’s become sort of a problem- my phone can’t hold anymore- as this is by far my favorite way to learn about EVERYTHING, from business to spanish; health to marketing. Let me share my favorites, in order of discovery. (and , that’s the thing with podcasts, as you listen, you get exposed to more, as many are interview style. Someone interesting gets interviewed, and POOF, you have another podcast to listen to).

My first love: THIS AMERICAN LIFE. This one has it’s own app, which is great- you can access every show since their inception 20 years ago. This should be grouped with it’s NPR sisters, Fresh Air, of course, great interviews, and Invisibilia, another interesting story telling podcast.

Then, probably the podcasts I look most forward to, and when they are all in season, come out on Thursdays. After The Jump is Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, and is filled with interviews and great information about being a small business owner. You will definitely fall down a rabbit hole once you find her on Heritage Radio. This was really the podcast that started my current obsession, as it introduced me to The Lively Show last spring. The Lively Show is a show really close to my heart. You will Love Jess Lively! Her show has changed my life. You must listen. Another Jessica, this one Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant, has fantastic, real life interviews with influencers on One Part Podcast, and you will love her style! Check her out.

Great Business podcasts, with relatable hosts: Being Boss, Finely Crafted, and Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. Pat is one smart guy.

Insightful podcasts: The One you Feed, Happier with Gretchin Rubin, and Dear Sugar.

I do have MANY more favorites, but I have to get on the road! Tell me some you like- I’m always looking for more. If you’re not following me on instagram, please head over there and follow along while we’re on the road.

Posted on July 12th, 2015 | Comment »

My Morning Routine

There’s a lot of talk about people’s morning routines, from entrepreneurs, CEO’s and beloved business and thought leaders out there. Statistics show that successful people get up three hours before work, run miles, write for hours, whatever it is that helps hone their craft. With all the talk about morning routines, I began to wonder if my morning measured up. I should step it up, I thought. So… I added five minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of yoga, and 10 minutes of reading to my already early wake up call of 6:20. I was getting up at 5:45 and it was working out for a few weeks. It felt intentional and aligned and like I started the day out right. Until it didn’t. Recently, I stopped the reading, the meditation, because it felt forced, rushed, and busy, when my mornings used to be quiet and peaceful.

This past year, I’ve been following Jess Lively, a fantastic thought leader who teaches the art of living from your values. (who, incidentally, has a one of those regimented morning routine as mentioned above) As I get deeper in the work, I realize how the value of Simplicity has an overarching theme in my life. It’s certainly evident in my design work. It makes me feel peaceful at home to have a quiet, clean space. Why can’t it have a place in my brain, too? I tend to overcomplicate things- you know the feeling: brain gets going on overdrive, start comparing yourself to others, feel less than. That’s when I realized I have always had a morning routine, and it consists of three things that don’t need to be mapped out in exactement; they don’t need a time frame, or the rigidity of a schedule:

I usually wake up pretty naturally at a bit before 6:00, as I do need to make sure my two boys make it to school on time. (Max gets up at 6:20) Alarm is set for 6:20. (As a rule, I try to avoid looking at my phone until I get to work- sometimes, I sneak a look at Instagram, but usually not)

Coffee is first order of the day- always. I’ve been using a stovetop espresso maker for years- since college I think. I love the Intelligentsia Analog Espresso, and always buy it at The Coffee Studio in Andersonville. Because they’re nice there and grind it for me.

While it’s boiling, I feed this guy.

Then I sit here and drink my coffee. I usually sit here for about 10 minutes, and reflect, by either just sitting and thinking, or writing in my journal. It may be just a few sentences, a thought, but I try to write every day.

While I’m making coffee number two, I have a glass of water with lemon and take my vitamin D. Lemon for the alkaline and Vitamin C, and D for the deficiency I learned I had last year.

I’ve been practicing yoga for as long as I’ve been drinking coffee, and have recently added three sun salutations to my morning- basically just to stretch, and add a little time for intention, as it helps me focus on three things I might want to tackle that day. More, I’ve learned is a bit overwhelming. If you’d like to learn more about my three, and how I organize my work day, please see an article I wrote on The Forth blog last year.

Then, the boys are getting up, and it’s time for making lunches, helping with breakfast, and getting ready. I love the 30 minutes or so that I get every morning by myself, before the day gets going. Max leaves for the el at 7:00, and Charlie and I leave at 8:00, to drop him off at school. Then, I’m in the office, which is just few blocks from Charlie’s school, at 8:30.

Maybe for some who are working on discipline, a strict regimen would be beneficial, but for me it was eating into a time in my day that had always felt peaceful until I started changing it.

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May Day

I love May Day. This celebration of spring has it’s roots in Roman times, and many European countries celebrate the first day of spring with May Pole dances, music, and my favorite, the May Day Basket. Left anonymously on your neighbors’ front door, this sweet gesture is a thoughtful, simple way to spread good cheer. That’s pretty much why I embrace it, along with being to share a fun tradition with my boys. A May day basket can be put together very easily, with a few sprigs of flowers to fill it out.

All you need is
–a few sheets of 8.5×11 cardstock
Tip: Use construction paper, or download our new marble design (below), and print out at home.

Roll the cardstock into a cone and staple the bottom to prevent the flowers from slipping through.
staple the sides in a couple places to hold.

Then, cut a length of ribbon and staple to each side. (outside with a long tail would be pretty too!)

Fill with your favorite bloom…

..and spread the love!

And… if you want to use our new marble design (like we did!) download it right here. Sized to print out on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper:


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