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Julia and Cosmo

Los Barriles, Mexico

My good friend, Julia Franzosa, and her sweetheart, Cosmo Goss, got married in Mexico with a gathering of good friends and family. About 80 made the trip from the bride and groom’s home state of California, and Chicago, where Cosmo heads up the kitchen at The Publican, and Julia’s photography business is headquartered, but felt so intimate because of the amount of involvement the guests had in the wedding. With both the bride and groom in the wedding and restaurant industry, the expertise of many of the friends were tapped, hired or bartered: from the entire meal being caught in the sea of Cortez the day before, to Cosmo’s long time friends cooking the meal, to the photographer, Kina, capturing the day on film, to their good friend Erling officiating, to me providing the invitation suite, to Kyle, crafting amazing cocktails, to Heather, providing day of coordination. It’s a testament to the friendships that Julia and Cosmo have created that made this days-long celebration come together in such a warm and wonderful way.

Photography: Kinawicks.com