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When should I order my Ready Made invitations?

For our ready made invitations, which are completely customizable, we suggest ordering 3-4 months before your wedding. Of course, rush orders are available; please contact us to see if we can accommodate your schedule.

What is the ordering process? What can I expect?

1: Enter your wording, quantity, color, and paper choices in your order. You will have an opportunity to order matching inserts at this point. Please enter any special requests in the box provided.

2: Your designer will send you a PDF proof within 2 business days of your order.

3: Tell us your thoughts and any changes. Your designer is available to make adjustments and answer any questions during the proofing phase.

4: Once you are happy with the proof, your digital signature is our green light to send to print!

5: Wait 2-4 weeks, depending on printing process, for your finished paper products to arrive via Fed Ex. They will arrive unassembled. We will provide a tracking number upon ship date. Please see our shipping policies for more details on this process.

It’s fun entering my own text and seeing the colors choices available, but I’m not a designer, can you design them?

Yes, all of the orders that come in will be reviewed, and adjusted if needed, by your personal designer. If you don’t feel like designing the invite, just enter your text in the space provided. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and make adjustments during the proofing phase. We ask that you sign off on the proofs before we send them to print.

The invitations arrived, but they are not what I expected. Can I return them?

No, unfortunately, custom products are not returnable for an exchange or refund. Your designer will work with you until you are satisfied with the proofs. If you have any questions about colors, quality, or thickness of the paper, please request a sample of the product before placing your order.

The color looks different than what I saw on my screen. Why is that?

All screens are calibrated differently. We do our best to make sure our colors match the printed outcome, but we can’t see what you’re seeing on your screen. If you have any questions about color, we are happy to send a sample of the color for you to see ahead of time to be sure it’s the perfect pale peony you were imagining.

The invitations arrived in the mail, but they are damaged. Can I exchange them?

Yes, you may exchange any damaged custom products. Please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of the damaged items, and we will send out a replacement as soon as possible. Please see our returns sections for more detail.

I’d like matching reception paper items for my programs, menus, thank you notes and escort cards. When should I order day-of paper products?

You can order these items anytime your information is finalized. Usually, the program and menu information are finalized about 2 months ahead of the wedding. We can produce these as soon as 3 weeks before the wedding.

I have a really specific idea for our invitations. Can you create something custom?

We specialize in custom invitations for our clients, and welcome this collaboration. Please see more about the process and view other custom invitations in our collection.

When should I order my custom invitations?

Because of the personal and detailed communication involved in custom invitations, we suggest reaching out to us to schedule your custom invitation consultation anywhere from 5-9 months ahead of your wedding. (link to schedulista page of site)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have worked with clients all over the globe. We take great care to package your invitations carefully, and insure for the greatest value to ensure they arrive safely to any destination. International shipping fees vary depending on location and weight of order. Please note, duties and fees will be the responsibility of the customer.

Will you address invitations for me?

Yes. We can work with your guest list and have it calligraphed, or digitally printed to make the process easier for you. Just email your list in label format at any point during the printing process, exactly as you would like it to read, and we’ll provide a proof before sending. Digital Calligraphy takes about 1 week, hand calligraphy, 2-3 weeks.

What about mailing? I’m too busy to mail these - will you handle that?

Yes. We take great care to proof your calligraphed envelopes, stuff the invitations, seal, stamp, and deliver to the post office.

What is an inner envelope, and do I need one?

An inner envelope is second large envelope, just slightly smaller than your main mailing envelope, slipped inside of the outer envelope. Inside is the invitation, response card and response envelope, and any other inserts you may have. An inner envelope stems from the victorian era. The roads were incredibly dirty, and when mail was delivered, the envelopes were pretty awful looking. So, the house staff would throw away the dirty outer envelope and place the pristine inner envelope on a silver tray for it’s recipient.

Here are some reasons you may need an inner envelope:

1. You are having a formal wedding and would like to stick to tradition.

2. The outer envelope will get dirty and scrunched in the mail. If this bothers you, ask your stationer for an inner envelope.

3. You are inviting a lot of people from one household. The inner is the place to write all your guests’ names. For example, the outer would be addressed: The Ronan Family, and the inner would say: Mr and Mrs.Frederick Ronan, Master Charles Ronan, and Miss June Ronan.

4. If you are not inviting children, this is a way to reiterate that they are not invited- sorry kids! If their names are not on the inner, their parents should know they are not invited (of course, this is not always a fool proof method). Some response cards can include “____ seats have been reserved in your honor” and the host will fill in the number invited from each household if seating is limited.

What about stamps? What are my options?

Traditional Stamps: Take a completed invitation suite to the post office before purchasing stamps to determine the postage needed - or ask us - we can do that for you.

Vintage Stamps: If you love the look of a collection of stamps on your invitations, take a look at etsy or champion stamp for stamps that suit your style.

Custom Stamps: A fun and more casual look to personalize your invitation even further. See our store over at Zazzle for stamps that match your design.

How does the registry work?

After you register for fine china and linens, you share your link with your guests. As they purchase items from your registry, you are notified by email of their gift. Because of the minimum requirements for china manufacturing, you may decide at any time (usually after the wedding) when to go into production. We will not go into production of the china until we hear from you that you are ready.

What if my registry isn’t fulfilled and we don’t meet the minimum?

You may decide to move gifts around at your discretion. If, after your wedding, you find that only part of your china registry is fulfilled, you may decide to purchase some items yourselves, or transfer gifts from linens purchased to meet the china minimum.

What if I decide not to go into production of the registry items at all? Can I get my money back?

You may use the funds to purchase anything on our website, but there are no refunds on purchases on our site.